Dodgin Beats Sonic

Dodgin Beats: Sonic (Flash Game)

Play Dodgin Beats: Sonic (Flash Game), Dodge the incoming enemies which arrive on screen by the sounds of the song. Various different songs from Sonic The Hedgehog are played, use your mouse to avoid them and last throughout all the music!

Dodgin Beats: Sonic (Flash Game) Full Description: In the charming and adrenaline-pumping Dodgin Beats: Sonic Flash Game, your reflexes and agility can be placed to the remaining test as you navigate a interesting onslaught of relentless adversaries that appear at the display in perfect synchronization with the pulsating rhythm of an array of iconic songs handpicked from the liked Sonic The Hedgehog franchise, immersing you in a nostalgic auditory enjoy like no different. With your trusty mouse as your tool of manipulate, you must skillfully steer clear of every coming near enemy with split-2nd precision and unwavering recognition, deftly maneuvering through the dynamic and ever-changing challenges provided by the meticulously designed ranges, all even as ensuring your survival throughout the whole lot of the electrifying musical journey. Can you summon the dexterity and resilience necessary to outmaneuver the perilous onslaught and emerge triumphant, leaving a path of conquered melodies on your wake? Only with the aid of putting your reflexes, timing, and sheer willpower to the take a look at can you absolutely declare the title of the ultimate Sonic beats dodger!