Sonic 2 PN Arcade (ROM Hack)

A Rom Hack of Sonic The Hegehog 2 which has been renamed and reworked as Sonic PN Arcade 2 by PikaNoob for the SHContest, New levels, New Colours, Faster Speed with new music and much more new additions to this game!

About Sonic 2 PN Arcade by PikaNoob

Get ready to be blown away by the masterpiece “Sonic 2 PN Arcade” – a breathtaking rom hack that breathes new life into the legendary “Sonic 2 Nick Arcade Prototype”! This fan-made creation takes a beloved classic and takes it to new levels of spectacle, giving Sonic fans an unforgettable gaming experience. Made for the SHContest.

Changes include…

  • Chemical Plant Act 1 and Hidden Palace Act 1 are completable.
  • Palette changes to Emerald Hill and Chemical Plant.
  • Spindash from final Sonic 2 has been added.
  • Speed cap has been removed.
  • Peelout from Sonic CD has been added.
  • Sonic 1 title cards have been restored.
  • Drums from Sonic 1 Prototype have been added.
  • Music from Sonic 2 Final and other Sonic 2 Prototypes have been added.