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Adventures Of Sonic Flash Game Icon

Adventures Of Sonic Flash Game

In this platforming game you are sonic and using the arrow keys on the keyboard to move and spacebar to jump which is also on the keyboard. Splash out at the all new "Adventures Of Sonic" flash game as you blaze out at the speed of sound as sonic the hedgehog.

Amy Rose Dressup Flash Game Icon

Amy Rose Dressup Flash Game

You are now playing "Amy Rose Dressup", Click and drag the clothing items and dress up Amy Rose in any cool style you want with the selection of clothing items avaliable to use right here and then, be sure to take a screenshot and share those epic creations.

Amys Whack A Nik Icon

Amys Whack A Nik

Using your mouse whack off those annoying robotnik's from the board but try not to whack any of the sonic friends!.

Angry Sonic Icon

Angry Sonic

A clone of angry birds but in sonic form, launch him into the shapes to pull off some epic scores.

Blaze The Cat Dress Up Icon

Blaze The Cat Dress Up

Click on the body on the bottom and then click on the parts on the right to dress up blaze.

Cannons Icon


Shoot sonic out of a cannon and make it land into the other one, Click new game to start a new game...

Chao Maker Icon

Chao Maker

Create your own chao with chao maker on the rightside choose the selected parts to makeup your own version of a chao!...

chibi sonic dress up Icon

chibi sonic dress up

Drag the clothes onto chibi sonic to dress him up the way you want to.

Chibi Sonic dressup 2 Icon

Chibi Sonic dressup 2

A new version of the chibi sonic dressup game, click and drag the clothes, hair, items on to sonic and dress him up any way you want to do it.

Cosmic Rush Icon

Cosmic Rush

Cosmic rush play as tails like if you were in a bonus stage collect as many rings as you can but avoid the spikes. Instructions in game.

Create A Fursona v3 Female Icon

Create A Fursona v3 Female

Create a new type of hedgehog from scratch with loads of different types of customisation to choose from, what will yours look like.

Create A Sonic Icon

Create A Sonic

Click and drag the parts onto sonic and customing him in your own cool way!...

Dress Kalma up xmas Icon

Dress Kalma up xmas

drag the clothing onto kalma to dress her up or click on the chao to change the types of clothing onto her.

dress up chibi Shadow Icon

dress up chibi Shadow

make your own cute chibi Shadow, click and drag the stuff to make your own one up..

Dress Up Ferni The Hedgehog Icon

Dress Up Ferni The Hedgehog

Click and drag the icons on to ferni to change and dress up him as what you want.

Dress Up Sonic The Hedgehog Icon

Dress Up Sonic The Hedgehog

Dress Up Sonic The Hedgehog, Click and drag the clothes onto sonic to make him wear any style you choose!

Elise Dress up Icon

Elise Dress up

Dress up Elise fron the sonic the hedgehog series and games..

Epoch the game Icon

Epoch the game

You are Sonic and someone has kidnapped your bitch. Kill them with your AK in this platform game. Controls: left-right arrows = move Up arrow = jump Space = shoot

Female Furry Dollmaker V1 Icon

Female Furry Dollmaker V1

Create a female furry doll by clicking and draging the clothes and parts onto the furry. Theres a massive collection in this so it should keep you all happy.

Female Sonic Base Dress Up Icon

Female Sonic Base Dress Up

Create your own sonic character by clicking and dragging the clothes onto the base this was created by Mephilez.

Final Fantasy Sonic X - Ep1 Icon

Final Fantasy Sonic X - Ep1

A cross betweem FF and sonic x its Final Fantasy Sonic X ep1 in this epic battle we now see the first that sparks the whole series off and with a cool RPG Twist to it too so make sure your ready for the game moments!. Author is by BlackDevilX so check his site out! https://hbhq.freehostia.com/

Final Fantasy Sonic X - Ep2 Icon

Final Fantasy Sonic X - Ep2

The Second Episode of the Final Fantasy Sonic X series. Sonic and company venture through hyrule and encounter a mysterious man. The Author is by BlackDevilX so check his site out! https://hbhq.freehostia.com/

Final Fantasy Sonic X - Ep3 Icon

Final Fantasy Sonic X - Ep3

The third episode of the Final Fantasy Sonic X series. Sonic squares off with the chaos stone gaurdian. And two new foes appear! This episodes marks the debut of Jesses popular character, Aeon the hedgehog. Author is by BlackDevilX so check his site out! https://hbhq.freehostia.com/

Final Fantasy Sonic X - Ep4 Icon

Final Fantasy Sonic X - Ep4

The fourth episode of the Final Fantasy Sonic X series. As Sonic gets ready to square off agaisnt the true guardian, knuckles and tails encounter Aeon and Bass!. Author is by BlackDevilX so check his site out! https://hbhq.freehostia.com/

Final Fantasy Sonic X - Ep5 Icon

Final Fantasy Sonic X - Ep5

Final Fantasy Sonic ep5 is a role playing rpg game. Choose your attacks and use magic for healing. Try to get past the True Guardian.

Final Fantasy Sonic X - Ep6 Icon

Final Fantasy Sonic X - Ep6

The sixth episode of the Final Fantasy Sonic X series. After two long years of development, sonic faces off with aeon! This episode marked the change in the FFSX series, as my skill has reached an prominent level! My best creation to date!. Author is by BlackDevilX so check his site out! https://hbhq.freehostia.com/

Fire Sonic flash loop Icon

Fire Sonic flash loop

sonic in his fire mode it loops. made by Alvin-Earthworm.

Fruit Ninja HD Icon

Fruit Ninja HD

Play Fruit Ninja in HD on desktop, mobile, tablet with no downloads required. Hack and slash those fruits to keep gaining further rewards and bigger cuts.

Gen Dressup Doll Icon

Gen Dressup Doll

A great dressup game by gen8hedgehog.deviantart.com, Click on the buttons and clothes to dress her up!

Gies Chao Maker V1 Icon

Gies Chao Maker V1

Click and drag the clothing, items and attachments onto the chao. With funny clothing from random gaming characters.

Hedgehog Girl Dressup Icon

Hedgehog Girl Dressup

Dress up wendy, lindsay, molly, sally, Amy Rose, rouge, tikal, blaze!

HexGL Icon


In a futuristic 3D wipeout speed through the bending skyscraper corners using air brakes and pin point precision, can you finish without being destroyed or can you beat the best time out there.

How To Draw Sonic SE Icon

How To Draw Sonic SE

A guide on how to draw sonic, tails, knuckles, amy, shadow, rouge.

Interactive Sonic Icon

Interactive Sonic

poke sonic and the objects around him to get a reaction..

Kamakazi Hedchog Icon

Kamakazi Hedchog

Kamakazi Hedchog Flash Game,To duck is down arrow key and left and right is to move also spacebar is to jump!..

Knuckles Pacman Icon

Knuckles Pacman

This is a pacman style game with sonic the hedgehog and knuckles echidna characters. Help knuckles collect all the rings while avoiding the sonic robots.

Male Furry Dollmaker v1 Icon

Male Furry Dollmaker v1

Male Furry Dollmaker v1.1, Drag and drop the clothes and parts onto the furry and create your own furry!

Mario and Sonic Zombie Killer Icon

Mario and Sonic Zombie Killer

Play as mario as you battle away zombies from attacking the mushroom kingdom, use sonic and luigi as your backup to help keep them back. Use the power ups and upgrades to gain better skills.

mario n sonic Icon

mario n sonic

Move mario and sonic at the same time, collect the keys and unlock the houses to get both mario and sonic in to there homes at once, although it may seem simple it gets harder as the game continues. Good idea to disable the sound for this game as it's very annoying.

Mario Sonic Jet Adventure Icon

Mario Sonic Jet Adventure

Blast through the skies with mario and sonic, using your keyboard or mouse to control the plane and blast off into the sky. Shoot down the evil koopa troopas and Goombas and smash into the power ups to gain more ablitys and skins. Every time gives you more coins to buy more power ups and extras to help you defeat them all quicker and better.

Mario vs Sonic Racer Icon

Mario vs Sonic Racer

Choose from Mario or sonic to play vs. the other character in a one vs. one match to race to the finish. Use the arrow keys up to move and the others to control the direction.

Marionic Icon


A cross-over platformer with mario dressed as sonic the hedgehog with all the moves to match.

McDonalds Sonic Game Icon

McDonalds Sonic Game

McDonalds Sonic Game converted into flash, play now.

Metal Sonics Asteroid Blaster Icon

Metal Sonics Asteroid Blaster

Use the arrow keys to move and spacebar to shoot, Your mental sonic and your blasting your way through asteroids but can you avoid and shot them all?..

multi hedgehog dressup Icon

multi hedgehog dressup

keep clicking the colours icon to change what type of hedgehog you want to put as the colour and also drag items onto the hedgehog to design it up.

Not-so Special Stage Icon

Not-so Special Stage

Help Edd collect the cans of coke by using the arrow keys to collect them but avoid the spikes and collect more than 25 and you will win!

Play with Shadow GAME v1 Icon

Play with Shadow GAME v1

Click and drag stuff on to shadow and you can click in the bubbles to edit the text to get him to save stuff.

Play with sonics face Icon

Play with sonics face

Drag and drop as well as play around with his face in all shapes and forms.

Poke Knuckles Icon

Poke Knuckles

click poke to poke knuckles and see if you can annoy the heck outa him...

Poke Rouge the GAME Icon

Poke Rouge the GAME

click poke to well poke.. and see if you can annoy her.

Punch Shadow Icon

Punch Shadow

Wanted to punch shadow.. well click on him and you can do it as much as you wanted its unlimited!...

Retro Sonic Character Maker Icon

Retro Sonic Character Maker

Click on the hedgehog on the left, then click on to the circles to change all sorts of things to create your own unique retro sonic character

Shadow as Maid GAME Icon

Shadow as Maid GAME

using the arrow keys and spacebar to jump move shadow and dance your way through the maze avoiding those green things... follow the arrows.

Shadow Dress Up Icon

Shadow Dress Up

Click and drop the objects onto shadow to dress him up and click the arrows on the top to change the clothing.

Shadow KISS Doll Icon

Shadow KISS Doll

click and drag on the clothes to dress shadow click the arrows on the buttons to change them.

Shadow Sonic the Hedgehog Jigsaw Puzzle Icon

Shadow Sonic the Hedgehog Jigsaw Puzzle

Click the puzzle board and the pieces will scatter. Put the jigsaw puzzle back together... Enjoy!

Shadow the Hedgehog Icon

Shadow the Hedgehog

Shadow is a black male anthropomorphic hedgehog. He is Sonic The Hedgehog's rival and is considered to be an anti hero, and was created to be the "Ultimate Life Form" by Gerald Robotnik. Created as the Ultimate Lifeform, Shadow is immortal and ageless. Directions: Left/Right Move left / right While carrying a weapon, press the "x", "f", "m" OR UP key to shoot Spacebar Jump

short sonic dress up game Icon

short sonic dress up game

Click on to the items located on the right and drag them across on to sonic the hedgehog. Choose the items you want him to wear and show off your styles in this short dress up game.

Sonic 3D Snowboard Icon

Sonic 3D Snowboard

It's a snowboarding game with sonic as the awesome snowboarder! Your goal is to go over ramps and show off your best tricks. Remember, the further up the ramp, the better tricks you can do. Better tricks means better points! You can choose to have it lightly or heavily snowing, you can make it night or day, you can make it foggy or cloudy and you can add fire. Enjoy! ...... Use the spacebar

Sonic Adventure Icon

Sonic Adventure

Sonic some how ends up in marios world help him escape it by collecting coins and avoiding the evil bowser goons. Using the arrow keys to move and space bar to jump.

Sonic Adventure Demo Icon

Sonic Adventure Demo

In sonic adventure, Your vs tails in a RPG mode type play and you use your mouse and select the actions to use. This is only a demo. After you have fight tails it just ends like that.

Sonic and Shadow Dressup Icon

Sonic and Shadow Dressup

Created by KatuTheKat, click and drag the clothes onto sonic and shadow click the bottom right corner to switch between them..

Sonic ATV in Mario Land Icon

Sonic ATV in Mario Land

Drive around Mario Land and collect the coins and smash down the tiny koopas but be careful as the hills in Mario Land are very complex. Use the arrow keys to control the ATV and to blow your way through each level.

Sonic ATV Trip 2 Icon

Sonic ATV Trip 2

The second in the moto series of Sonic ATV Trip 2, use your keyboard to control the quad bike and to keep control of your ATV.

Sonic Basic Version Icon

Sonic Basic Version

You are now playing "Sonic Basic Version" with the epic basic version of sonic the hedgehog ported into flash.

Sonic Blox Icon

Sonic Blox

This is a variation of the classic "Tetris" game, with some interesting Sonic the Hedgehog related twists.

Sonic Boom Icon

Sonic Boom

Shoot sonic and his friends out of a cannon for a sonic boom! also nice background music to matchup....... 1. Click amount to buy charcter 2. Pick a location 3. Choose character 4. Use up and down arrow keys to adjust angle 5. Use left and right arrow keys to adjust power 6. Hit spacebar to shoot

Sonic Boom Cannon 2 Icon

Sonic Boom Cannon 2

Pick the character then buy them and pick the level then launch them to max your ring score to unlock other people and levels to launch at, from the werid tails doll in robotniks ship to the emerald hills theres plenty to launch into and enjoy with Sonic Boom Cannon 2.

Sonic Boom Cannon 3D Icon

Sonic Boom Cannon 3D

Launch yourself to unlock the characters and play Sonic Boom Cannon 3D, the latest edition in the sonic boom cannon series, more levels, more characters, more unlocks.

Sonic Break the Targets Icon

Sonic Break the Targets

Play Sonic Break the Targets game where sonic must try and break all the targets just like in Super Smash Bros games. : Famous spindash. Hold the "a" key and let go fast to do the flame roll. Hold the "a" key for longer, then let go to do the spin dash. A + arrow left/right: Light Dash. Sonic can move through thin walls with ease. Up: Jump Up + A: Homing Attack. Sonic can jump higher. Down + A: Bounce Attack W: flip kick

Sonic character creator Icon

Sonic character creator

Choose from sonic, shadow and amy click on the tabs to choose there colours, stripes, shoes, fur and others, music is also included on the top right.

Sonic Charrie Maker Icon

Sonic Charrie Maker

Create your furry girl in all diffrent modes and ways with every detail hidden in!, There isnt a lot of clothes but the rest of the features are awesome and this is the updated version with permission to use this game on our site.

Sonic Christmas Game Icon

Sonic Christmas Game

An RPG of sonic the hedgehog as he makes the best of this season. Go to various parts of the city and try to make the best out of the whole experience before the moves run out. Created by Birdhousebirdy DA user.

Sonic Comic Frame Creation Icon

Sonic Comic Frame Creation

make your own sonic comic frame, click and drag the items to make your frame moment...

Sonic Crazy World Icon

Sonic Crazy World

Jump using the mouse left click and smash into those rings and collect the rolling balls to gain even more points, the blue rings are short bonus stages. How long can you last through this game.

Sonic Dash Icon

Sonic Dash

Sonic Dash race through the level to get the next one pritty good flash version of it but kinda buggy enjoy!

Sonic Dating Sim RPG Icon

Sonic Dating Sim RPG

This is the demo for Sonic Dating Sim RPG, still being worked on. Choose a character and play along in this sim world of all the characters.. What can you do?

Sonic Dress Up Icon

Sonic Dress Up

Dress up sonic with guns, knuckles suit, swords and other items too!

Sonic Dress Up Character Designer Icon

Sonic Dress Up Character Designer

Change your background, give your character a unique name, change the colors of your character, add some hair and change other body parts. Be creative. And most of all, have FUN!! So Enjoy! (Don't report this just because the picture doesn't show sonic right?)

Sonic Dress up game Icon

Sonic Dress up game

Click and drag the clothes and items on to sonic and dress him up the way you want to dress sonic the hedgehog up as, choose from a wide range of clothing and items to use with him.

Sonic Dressup Icon

Sonic Dressup

Sonic Dressup, Click and drag the objects onto sonic to make him look odd and funny!...

Sonic Earth Icon

Sonic Earth

Sonic Earth, Sonic and amy get transformed into humans.. Help them both get back to themselfs through the stages and defeat robotniks evil droids and baddys... (Recommend you play this on low detail.)

Sonic Emerald Grab Icon

Sonic Emerald Grab

Just connect 3 or more in a row and complete every level. Remember it gets harder each time!. Enjoy - Credit 4Kids.com

Sonic Fan Character - Doll Maker Icon

Sonic Fan Character - Doll Maker

A really good fan character doll maker games, you can choose every colour the way you want it to be, use the middle of it to choose the base colour and click on the icons to change the appearance there colours too.

Sonic Fanboy Quiz Icon

Sonic Fanboy Quiz

A quiz for all you fanboys and girls out there... left click to interact.

Sonic Game Icon

Sonic Game

2 Player Quick coin collecting game play with a friend and see who can collect the most rings! Have Fun! (Instructions In Game)

Sonic Gem Collector Icon

Sonic Gem Collector

Use your mouse to cut the rope and to swing the ball into the emerald, think carefully how you swing it. Make it land on sonic to pass the level.

Sonic Heroes Puzzle Icon

Sonic Heroes Puzzle

This game is similar to tetris in a way. You drop and stack boxes. You clear them with matching characters or power blocks. Score combos or clear multiple blocks to earn bonus points. Brown/Orange Brick goes with Knuckles. Chaos Emeralds go with Tails. Gold Rings go with Sonic.

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