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Sonic Heroes Puzzle Icon

Sonic Heroes Puzzle

This game is similar to tetris in a way. You drop and stack boxes. You clear them with matching characters or power blocks. Score combos or clear multiple blocks to earn bonus points. Brown/Orange Brick goes with Knuckles. Chaos Emeralds go with Tails. Gold Rings go with Sonic.

Sonic in Mario World 2 Icon

Sonic in Mario World 2

Help sonic escape mario world in the second part of the sonic in mario world two game. Using the keyboard arrow keys and space bar pause and a and s keys.

Sonic In The Garden Icon

Sonic In The Garden

Use the arrow keys and space bar and launch the apples at the bats above but avoid getting hit by your own apples or it can kill you.

Sonic Invaders Icon

Sonic Invaders

Left click using your mouse, Wipe out all of robotnicks bots and him too whenever he trys to get away with spin!

Sonic Island Icon

Sonic Island

Its Sonic! this one does not take too long to complete as its only version 0.5 but its still amazinly fun!

Sonic lazer fight demo Icon

Sonic lazer fight demo

From the creators of sonic boom 1 and 2 comes sonic lazer fight, this is only a demo of what they might be working on and use ctrl to fight and arrow keys to move around.

Sonic Lost In Mario World Icon

Sonic Lost In Mario World

Sonic is Lost In Mario World help him get out by using the A button and arrow keys!. Enjoy!

Sonic Matrixa Finale Part 1 Icon

Sonic Matrixa Finale Part 1

Sonic Matrixa Finale part one of three...

Sonic Maze Craze Icon

Sonic Maze Craze

Lead sonic through the crazed up mazes on every level remember they do get harder.. Controls are use your mouse to move around and avoid the moving baddys and goons and run to the finsjh line!...

Sonic Mega Collection Plus Mini Icon

Sonic Mega Collection Plus Mini

This game is a remake of video game Sonic Mega Collection Plus. You must race sonic to the end of the level. Collect all the rings and defeat enemies.

Sonic Millionaire Icon

Sonic Millionaire

If you love Who Wants to be a Millionaire, then you will love Sonic Millionaire! Answer questions correctly before the time runs out. Each correct answer moves you up a spot and closer to a million dollars! You can get help by asking the audience, doing 50/50 or calling a friend. Now, start making money! Enjoy!

Sonic Ninja Motobike Icon

Sonic Ninja Motobike

Cross over the mountains and landscapes on sonic's motobike in a ninja style. Click on to the game a few times then you'll be able to control it using the up, down, left, right arrow keys.

Sonic On Clouds Icon

Sonic On Clouds

Sonic On Clouds, left and right arrows to move around, up to jump, hold down to super jump, collect the medals and balloons but watch if you fall you fail the game!

Sonic Pacman Icon

Sonic Pacman

Avoid the ghosts and collect the rings and chaos emeralds whenever they appear too for extra score!, Use arrow keys to move around...

Sonic Pinball Icon

Sonic Pinball

Sonic flash pinball, Using the left and right arrow keys to wack the ball, How much can you score?

Sonic Pong Icon

Sonic Pong

Pong revamped with a Sonic theme. Lots of bugs that need to worked out in this game. Directions: You can only play as Sonic. Use the up and down arrow keys to control him. You need 5 to win.

Sonic Potatoe Head Icon

Sonic Potatoe Head

To skip the flash movie click the icon on the bottom right, Click and drag body parts to this potatoe shaped sonic!...

Sonic Racer Icon

Sonic Racer

(Press enter on your keyboard to start) Collect as many items on your way to Robotniks base. and avoid all the none flashing stuff! Enjoy!

Sonic Ride Icon

Sonic Ride

Blaze the hills with sonic ride by smashing through the rings to collect them all. The more you collect the bigger your score is at the end of each level. Use the keyboards arrow keys to control the motobike.

Sonic Ring Thing Icon

Sonic Ring Thing

Click away at the rings (1 point) and emeralds (4 points) and try to avoid dr eggman (-10 points) more you get the higher your score.. How far can you take it?.

Sonic Rivals Dash Icon

Sonic Rivals Dash

Race as sonic across the stages either only with sonic or with sonic and shadow! (Click how to play for instructions!)

Sonic Rolling Ball Icon

Sonic Rolling Ball

Remove the objects blocking sonic and make him go towards tails to pass each level, it gets more and more complex as each level progresses. Think about what your removing before removing it by using your mouse to remove them.

Sonic Scene Creator 1 Icon

Sonic Scene Creator 1

Sonic Scene Creator 1, Drag and drop in the background and parts to make your own sonic scene with a metro city look!

Sonic Scene Creator 2 Icon

Sonic Scene Creator 2

Sonic Scene Creator 2, Drag and drop in tails, sonic, knuckles, super sonic and other evil baddies to make your own scene in sonic the video game!

Sonic Shorts - Volume 5 Icon

Sonic Shorts - Volume 5

Volume five of the Sonic Shorts flashes, Sonic and many others in one ultra massive flash Credit to... Bit-Master, Cacti, Comick, DEIVID-SAN, Devid, Dykrentsu, Gamebuddy, NeoCypo, Kaizoku, Legend20X, Insector, Atomic Bottle, Scott Falco, Flash Twister, TheChio, TheWax70, Wonchop, Boozerman, ThePepster, The-Real-Iceman, Jacksaw, Yusuke198... And the rest of them!, Watch and enjoy!

Sonic Skate Glider Icon

Sonic Skate Glider

Using the arrow keys to move, ASD letters to do special moves and the spacebar to jump. Glide through each stage and perform extra special moves to gain a higher score because the more you gain the more levels you unlock in Sonic Skate Glider the flash game.

Sonic Sky Chase Icon

Sonic Sky Chase

(Warning No Preloader so wait!) And help sonic and tails reach robotnik by doing 4 levels of Badnik filled skies and each time the game resets it gets harder and faster!

Sonic Sky Impact Icon

Sonic Sky Impact

Blast your way through robotniks evil creations as you jet through the skys to wipe out his evil ways. Using your mouse left click and move to control the jet. The more you blast out the sky the more points you get meaning you unlock more awesome cool stuff such as guns and levels.

Sonic Slave Dressup v1 Icon

Sonic Slave Dressup v1

Created By sonicremix.deviantart.com, Click and drag the clothes onto sonic to dress him up.

Sonic Slide Icon

Sonic Slide

Slide the blocks along with each other and try to make the pimped out version of sonic, Hint. Cheat by right clicking and clicking play.

Sonic Smash Brothers Icon

Sonic Smash Brothers

(No Preloader Please Wait 5mins!), Sonic Smash Brothers BETA is an action packed fighting game, similar to the Super Smash Brothers games, except this flash game only features playable sonic the hedgehog characters. You start off in Adventure Mode with three playable characters... Sonic, Knuckles and Tails. As you complete adventure mode with each of those characters, you unlock other characters... Amy, Rouge, Shadow and Cream. You can also unlock more characters through various challenges as you advance through the game. This game is a must play for all Sonic fans!.

Sonic snake Icon

Sonic snake

Remember snake on a nokia phone? its like this but way more better play as sonic and collect the rings! be careful not to hit the ones you collected! Enjoy

Sonic Snow Escape Icon

Sonic Snow Escape

Blaze through the snow and ice conditions on the roads by shooting the slow cars out of your way. Try not to bump into anything to cross the finish line to complete each level.

sonic snowboard Demo Icon

sonic snowboard Demo

This is only the demo version of Sonic Snowboarding. Full version will be out soon after as artist always says.

Sonic Spin Break Icon

Sonic Spin Break

Like angry birds but your objective is to collect the coin boxes with only a certain amount of trys which are on the top left, if you use them up hit the replay button to restart and play again. spin dash your way through those boxes and use as less turns as you can to gain a higher score.

Sonic Surf Icon

Sonic Surf

use the arrow keys and space bar to try and defeat dr eggman remember collect the rings to stay alive as you may hit things along the way... Enjoy!

Sonic Test Run Icon

Sonic Test Run

Play as shadow and battle sonic in this short but sweet trading card battle game, Instructions in game!

Sonic Tetris 1 Icon

Sonic Tetris 1

Sonic Tetris with Amy, Shadow, Tails, Sonic, Robotnick, knuckles Use the arrow keys to shift the blocks around...

Sonic Tetris 2 Icon

Sonic Tetris 2

(NO PRELOADER WAIT 3-5 mins) More tetris action in the second edtion of sonic tetris!, Use the arrow keys to shift the blocks around...

Sonic The Hedgehog Icon

Sonic The Hedgehog

Everything about this game is polished, right down to the initial selection menus with music and sound effect volume sliders....and there is no way you cannot NOT play this game. But all credit does go to the original creators of Sonic at SEGA.

Sonic The Hedgehog Collaboration Icon

Sonic The Hedgehog Collaboration

Sonic The Hedgehog Collaboration flash, featuring an animated flash movie, mini game and mini quiz all in one game.

Sonic the Hedgehog jigsaw puzzle  Icon

Sonic the Hedgehog jigsaw puzzle

a jigsaw puzzle of Sonic the Hedgehog and his team but can you solve the puzzle?

Sonic The Hedgehog Moto Icon

Sonic The Hedgehog Moto

Using the keyboard and arrow keys to move, do front flips and back flips with sonic the hedgehog. (when it loads 100% wait a sec or two)

Sonic the Star Hunter Icon

Sonic the Star Hunter

Help sonic collect the stars and avoid getting hit by the blobs and pits of fire. Using the keyboard to move around and jump, collect the gold stars and move your way up the level to win.

Sonic Tic Tac Toe Icon

Sonic Tic Tac Toe

Beat robotics clone of sonic by out classing him in a game of Tic Tac Toe but remember that robot is craft, So watchout!

Sonic Tic Tac Toe 2 Icon

Sonic Tic Tac Toe 2

Play Sonic Tic Tac Toe 2, Left click to choose the spot as your shadow and your vs rouge...

Sonic Tic Tac Toe 3 Icon

Sonic Tic Tac Toe 3

The 3rd flash of Sonic Tic Tac Toe with tails and robonick, Left click to play the game!...

Sonic Truck Icon

Sonic Truck

Drive the truck through the levels with sonic the hedgehog driving it, plow through all incoming robotized animals and collect the rings but keep them in your truck without spilling them out.

Sonic X Bowling Icon

Sonic X Bowling

Sonic the Hedgehog loves to go bowling. Help him aim and throw the ball to knock down all the pins! The more pins you knock down, the more points you get. Try to get a high score and you will make sonic a bowling champion! Instructions Click on the Sonic "Spinball" to start, and then click again to bowl. The moving arrow indicates the direction of spin that will be imparted to the ball when it is bowled.

Sonic X Rings Icon

Sonic X Rings

After kidnapping Amy Rose Hedgehog, Dr. Eggman as is coming to get you. Sonic Xs has to fight his way to the top, by destroying evil robots to save Amy. He has just 60 seconds before Eggman catches up to him....so hurry! The better your time, the better score you get! CHEATS: BULLETPROOF, DOUBLEJUMP,DOUBLERINGS, FLOAT, NOPLATFORMS, INVINCIBLE Enjoy

Sonic Xtreme Icon

Sonic Xtreme

Can you reach the end of each level by avoiding the cankerworms and the rest of the enemies. Use the arrows to move and the space bar to jump.

Sonica Icon


Move around this complex maze and win! but be quick theres monsters afoot!. Enjoy!

SpriteTT 6 Sonic Icon

SpriteTT 6 Sonic

SpriteTT number 6 which is featuring Sonic the hedgehog. Select a character to play the mini-movies made by the authors Squarehard, Xanadu32, Luigi_dude12, Kaosboy85, ShadowWarriorLuke, Ch33ks.

Super Mario Save Sonic Icon

Super Mario Save Sonic

Play as Mario and save sonic from the evil koopas and bowser.

Super Smash Flash Icon

Super Smash Flash

Super Smash Flash, Battle out with your fav gaming stars in a mass heat battle between them all...

Super Smash Flash 2 Demo v0 9 Icon

Super Smash Flash 2 Demo v0 9

Brought to you by mcleodgaming.com it is the Super Smash Flash 2 demo.

super sonic click Icon

super sonic click

Guide Super Sonic through the obstacles, while collecting gold coins. hold left click to go up and release to go down. This is hard! Can you master it?..

Tails Nightmare Icon

Tails Nightmare

Go through the levels and get through tails nightmare! By collecting the rings and going to the ? marks for help and instructions... Help tails by doing the levels!

Tails Nightmare 2 Icon

Tails Nightmare 2

In Tails Nightmare 2, the new part in tails nightmare using the arrow keys and x to jump. Use tails to battle the evil that lurks at each level and complete the game.

The 4th melee Interact Icon

The 4th melee Interact

An RPG game where you select the actions to decide to attack or defeat yourself vs the other SSB team.

ultimate robotnik duels Icon

ultimate robotnik duels

This has to be the most greatest robotnik type flash game out there!. Duel it out with your favorite Sonic characters plus extras like mario and more!...

ultimate sonic game quiz Icon

ultimate sonic game quiz

Test how much you know about sonic the hedgehog with different modes from easy to extreme, play hard mode to unlock extreme mode and take the ultimate sonic game quiz.

Unfinshed Sonic Platform Game 2 Icon

Unfinshed Sonic Platform Game 2

A Unfinshed sonic platform game btw on 2nd level once you fall off the edge thats it done..(Instructions in game

V7 Super Smash Flash 2 Icon

V7 Super Smash Flash 2

Play super smash flash 2 version 7 with a whole new levels and players to choose from using your keyboard control the character and battle your choosen foes.

Warlords Sonic Icon

Warlords Sonic

Play Warlords Sonic, Left click on the actions in this quick mini RPG game!...

Wave Warrior EXE 1 Icon

Wave Warrior EXE 1

An RPG battle system game, go on a adventure and follow the storyline while battling the rival and other evil that gets into your way.

Wave Warrior EXE 1 Edited Icon

Wave Warrior EXE 1 Edited

Bug fixes and revamped version of Wave Warrior EXE 1 with some editing and adjusments, Battle your way through the storyline and duel in real battles vs other people during the story modes.

Wave Warrior EXE Two Dark Icon

Wave Warrior EXE Two Dark

The second part to Wave Warrior EXE Two Dark edition, the split of darkness from the light version comes a different story mode which you'll follow and battle through.

Wave Warrior EXE Two Light Icon

Wave Warrior EXE Two Light

Become the Wave Warrior with the light version of Wave Warrior EXE two featuring master silver as the lead in this RPG story mode of a battle system game.

Yum Yum Hunt Icon

Yum Yum Hunt

use the arrow keys to guide tails to food... avoid the bad objects

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