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The Doomed Shadow Show 2 Icon

The Doomed Shadow Show 2

The Doomed Shadow Show 2, A funny humour flash about shadow the hedgehog and how unrelated it gets at times...

The Doomed Shadow Show DX Icon

The Doomed Shadow Show DX

The Doomed Shadow Show DX, Watch as shadow gets into his own show with the annoying sonic and the evilness that lurks around with some random funny humour lol!...

The Knuckles Briefs Collab Icon

The Knuckles Briefs Collab

Knuckles never gets any of the attention, so heres a flash just for him. Here are the animators, JACKS, THECHIO, INSECTOR, Cacti, Gamebuddy, THEWAX, Kaizoku, GRIFFINFLASH, Deivid, Wonchop, Bitmaster, Comick, Stasis-Designs

the new sonic vs shadow Icon

the new sonic vs shadow

The battle between sonic and shadow

The Problem with Hyper Sonic Icon

The Problem with Hyper Sonic

well you can see what the issue is with hyper sonic.

The REAL Eggman Icon

The REAL Eggman

Will the real Eggman please stand up?, Watch the eggman rap about his fatness!

The Video Game Polka Icon

The Video Game Polka

Join mario, sonic, master chief, and all your favorite videogame characters as they sing the world's weirdest song ever!

Tomorrow Ill EPILEPSY Warning Icon

Tomorrow Ill EPILEPSY Warning

what will robotnik do. EPILEPSY Warning with flashing colours.

Toradora Sonic version Icon

Toradora Sonic version

Knuckles cleans the bathroom or does he?

Troubles On Angel Island Icon

Troubles On Angel Island

When something goes missing from Angel Island its up to Team Sonic to resolve the troubles behind it all.

Vegeta VS Sonic Icon

Vegeta VS Sonic

A funny short sonic flash when vegeta destroys the planet and kills sonic...

WGJ4K Mario Vs Sonic Icon

WGJ4K Mario Vs Sonic

WhackyGameJokes4Kids presents Mario Vs Sonic, Warning this flash does get abit violent. The joke is basicly how Nintendo killed off Sega.

what shadow thinks of recolors loop Icon

what shadow thinks of recolors loop

what shadow really thinks of recolors. poor shadow.

You Save Me flash loop Icon

You Save Me flash loop

Inspired by the sonic 06 ending. Its a flash loop.

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