Sonic Scene Creator 5


About Sonic Scene Creator 5 Featuring 100s more sprites, backgrounds and many different kinds of elements to use to build your own scenes in this sonic scene creator flash game with this being the 5th instalment by Zhuburz

Sonic scene creator V.4


About Sonic scene creator V.4 Create your very own Sonic The Hedgehog scene in the V.4 (Version 4) of the scene creator flash game! created by Zhuburz in Jan 2, 2010 on …

Sonic vs. Shadow: Rivalry


About Sonic vs. Shadow: Rivalry Uploaded to Newgrounds in Sep 6, 2004 this flash animation gem is the first instalment in a two part series with Sonic the Hedgehog and Shadow The Hedgehog battling each other in sprite fighting form.

Sonic vs. Shadow 2: T.C. (The Chase)


About Sonic vs. Shadow 2: T.C. (The Chase) A long awaited sequel instalment of the Sonic vs. Shadow: Rivalry flash animation as Sonic The Hedgehog and Shadow The Hedgehog battle in this sprite based animation uploaded in Dec 2, 2005 on with easter eggs and bonus extras too.

Awesome Chaotix


About Awesome Chaotix Originally uploaded on Newgrounds by Egoraptor featuring the Chaotix team members, what ever can go wrong as they band together in a game of their own?

Chaos – Act 2: Intention


About Chaos – Act 2: Intention Accana presents the second instalment of the chaos act series called act 2 intention where things heat up with sonic’s team and eggman in an all out battle scattered across many worlds as eggman launches all at the team to try and defeat sonic, will they prevail?

Chaos – Act 1: Creation


About Chaos – Act 1: Creation Chaos is a Sonic The Hedgehog fan fiction animation reboot from an original animation back in 2005 but fully enhanced and re-animated as a new adventure awaits with eggman, sonic, tails and others …



About $eG@ A april fools day parody animation by Christopher Niosi as various characters from the sonic the hedgehog universe to funny and wild things at sheer random.

Sonic’s Adventure!


About Sonic’s Adventure! Created by bocodamondo is an animated parody of a famous meme comic strip, the question is who took his emeralds?

Community, but Sonic


About Community, but Sonic What if Sonic The Hedgehog had a TV Series like Community? ask no more as Pringus with the help of other artists created this funny animated short video demonstrating just that…

Super Mario Bros. Z (Episode 2)


About Super Mario Bros. Z (Episode 2) The second reboot episode of Super Mario Bros. Z (Episode 2) which is now in full HD, new scenes and new enhancements throughout and no need to press the spacebar or any buttons to proceed either as it’s now in a full video for you to enjoy and […]

Super Mario Bros. Z (Episode 1)


A brand new instalment in the Super Mario Bros. Z universe series by Alvin-Earthworm as he reboots the series to enhance the previous episodes in Super Mario Bros. Z, now fully enhanced in HD quality.

Frieza v Eggman


Created by Zeurel for Lythero for a commission piece on the DBFZ – Shenanigoons vs Shadow Raid Boss video. Frieza and Eggman get into an argument mid-battle with Eggman pleading for his life with all the excuses you can think of to try and get out of the situation he’s in but will he survive?

Sonic 2 PN Arcade (ROM Hack)


About Sonic 2 PN Arcade by PikaNoob Get ready to be blown away by the masterpiece “Sonic 2 PN Arcade” – a breathtaking rom hack that breathes new life into the legendary “Sonic 2 Nick Arcade Prototype”! This fan-made creation takes a beloved classic and takes it to new levels of spectacle, giving Sonic fans […]

Sonic Clash Episode 10

sonic clash episode 10

Sonic Clash Episode 10 Full Description: Immerse yourself inside the fascinating international of the Sonic Clash flash series, wherein an exhilarating fusion of the cherished Sonic universe and the enchanting mechanics of a role-playing sport awaits, supplying you an remarkable experience of embarking on an epic journey thru a meticulously crafted story-line that unfolds before […]